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  If a $750.00 package or $395.00 package is purchased.  The delivery and loading is already included in these packages. These are the only packages with complimentary delivery and loading. All other packages and KOMS items may be delivered and loaded for an additional $50.00.


  Should you purchase any additional packages or items from Plush Appeal and spend a minimum $150.00, the delivery and loading fee will be extended at no charge. Note: You need to add in the comment section- previous order for delivery with your Float LTs name.

  Its required that the package is purchased first, before adding any additional items for delivery.

  If order of the $750.00 and $395.00 package is purchase, you may pick it up at distribution night. You must check the option to pick up at distribution when checking out.  If not, all packages will have automatic delivery and loading.


  If you are purchasing a package that has the delivery is included and you purchase smaller items that the delivery is not included, but want to pick up the smaller items at distribution. You must place separate orders.

 All Other Orders You may select a delivery and load option or a pick up option at distribution night. Note: There is no longer a delivery only option. 

  The delivery and load option is available for a one-time fee of $50.00.per order 

  All items to be picked up at distribution will have a one- time handling fee of  $7.50 per order. Each order will be packaged in a special Krewe of Morpheus reusable bag.

   At no extra charge you can purchase other packages or items from Plush Appeal. Any purchases  over  $150.00 will be combined for delivery. Must make sure that in the comment section it states has previous order for delivery.   



Thursday, February 9, 2017 -6pm 9pm

  Distribution will be held at the Plush Appeal Warehouse

  Any items noted for Distribution Pick up must be picked up

  Costumes will be distributed the same evening

Should you have any questions, please email

Krewe of Morpheus Throw/Bead Product Chairperson:

Brad Naquin


Here you can purchase all your Mardi Gras throws and Krewe of Morpheus "branded" throws.

Attention Members!

If you are buying items and would like them delivered and/or purchasing something you want to be picked up, you should place separate orders.

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